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From going to work to picking up your kids from school, your vehicle is the one thing that you simply can’t do without. But every vehicle needs regular maintenance and servicing due to constant usage. With professional services and regular repairs, your car will run smoothly and last longer on the road. Imagine being stranded in the middle of the highway with a tire blowout! You don’t want that. Offering specialized services and prompt repairs, M.R. Automotive has your tire needs covered. We provide superior auto repair in Whitby, giving you a memorable and hassle-free driving experience.


What Damages Your Tires?


The fusion of technology and long-term production has made modern-day tires stronger and better lasting. But at the end of the day, tires are still prone to damage, wear and tear and cracks. Let us look at some causes of tire damage:

  • Varying the inflation pressure
    Maintaining accurate inflation pressure guarantees your tire’s performance as the air within the tire carries the load, not vice-versa. Remember the inflation pressure should be just right, not more not less.
  • Tire misalignment
    Misalignment of your tires can cause the tires to vibrate and cause damage on the outer side of the tire. Getting your wheel alignment checked with our reliable auto repair mechanics ensures that you enjoy a smooth ride.
  • Long term wear and tear
    Driving on roads and uneven terrain has an impact on your tires and over time you can notice cracks in them. Always get your tires checked and maintained by auto technicians like us who have expertise over automotive services and diagnostics and services.

Is Your Tire Worn Out?

The lifespan of a tire depends upon various factors. But signs of tire damage and slight wear and tear are easy to identify. Here are a few tips to find out if your tire is worn out:

  • Get the feel of the tire while you drive. Having a rough ride, vibrations or disturbances while you drive are clear signs of damaged tires.
  • Inspect tire for damaged valves, uneven tread wear and other damaged areas.
  • The tire tread is worn beyond the recommended tread depth levels.


What You can Do Yourself


Before you decide it’s time to bring in your car to the shop for a tire repair, you can go ahead and check your vehicle manual for the recommended tire pressure. Check the tires for the pressure and see if it’s within the preferable range. Make sure to do this at least once a month and don’t overinflate or let your tires underinflate for your own safety. 


So, how to get around to it? It’s easy to do:

  • Take the cover off the valve
  • Insert and push the pressure gauge into it
  • Check the reading


M.R. Automotive installs new tires, and we even offer tire storage when you use our services. Not sure if the tires on your vehicle need to be replaced? Let us check them with a tread wear indicator so that you know when it's time. You can also extend the life of your tires by having them rotated regularly and maintaining the recommended air pressure. Visit our shop to learn more.


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